The Lost Illusions Tavern
No Hope Inn
How could I redeem, all what I did wrong? All my deeds, which occur people's problems. How could I get rid of my soul's nightmares? The pain of my body, the fear of my brain, the tears of my eyes - how could I at least try to freed them of?
There will be a proper text - it's coming soon, at least I hope. There will be the page containing my puny and mawkish 'poetry' and other 'works'.
I would to say: 'Please, enter and sit down, my friends' but in fact I don't have any, not anymore. Nor I do need.
I so much would to could say just: 'Farewell'. And gone forever - it is, what I beg about every build on pain day, what I dream about every single night. In the meantime, I will poisoning minds, those who so imprudently came here.