OmnipotentiaS MorganuS


Domina Mundi

Air is amazed, enshrouds your body’s divine
Wind is attracted, plays with your scented hair
Sun is ashamed, avoids your glory and shine
Day is abashed, hides with fear in shadow’s lair

Perfect is the line of your body and face
Both have shape rounded where and how it should be
Like fairy you are the true Mistress of grace
Watching – feast for eyes, best what they could see

So far from sea yet still so charming rejoice
But far further from me longing to be near
Like mermaid you are the Enchantress of voice
Heeding – feast for ears, best what they could hear

Your pretty lips yet plenty of powerful
Strong as orders of tempting coldness steel star
Your truthful eyes yet plenty of merciful
Deep as the abyss of bottomless depth far

Your divine beauty makes minds with me to tease
To losing breath the enchanted world it drives
You belong among the famous four beauties
Like the elements their number in fact five’s

But on the contrary to four before you
I'm sure your fate will be great and shadowless
And I hope you won't bring doom anyone to
Moreover you’ll give and receive happiness

Because seeing you is always like walking
In gentle evening sun – for more longing
Because hearing you is always like staying
In hopeful morning sun – for more praying

OmnipotentiaS MorganuS