OmnipotentiaS MorganuS


Amicæ salutem

You never ever say much but always clear and wisely
Your every word and sentence is more and more intriguing
Your every single answer although very precisely
to new questions as well as interest’s aspects’ leading

In Adriatic city
I would meet You one time more
You speak and You’re so witty
in this dream I never bore

You never truly demand but always make inspiring
Your nice and sweet laugh made me laugh with You – it’s amazing!
Your soft and gentle voice like night star lone sailor’s guiding
and shy desire to hear it more and more often raising

In Eastchinese great city
I should meet You one time more
You smile sweet like a kitty
in this dream I just implore

You never are effusive but always so warm and nice
Your goodness curious me how it can be nowadays?
Your beautiful appearance with Your nature harmonise
all in You is perfect – You’re best path among thousand ways

In Sichuanese hot city
I could meet You one time more
You play tune and sing ditty
in this dream I just adore

OmnipotentiaS MorganuS